Music: Julien Salvia
Lyrics: Ludovic-Alexandre Vidal
Book: Anthony Michineau

Adapted from the Grimm Brothers’ fairy tale.

English Adaptation of Book & Lyrics:
Ludovic-Alexandre Vidal

The Story

Rapunzel is a princess like no other: her mother gave her some magical powers the day she was born. Her aunt, the wicked Erebia, has kept her imprisoned up in a tower for 18 years, and uses the powers of her niece to reign over the North-North-East Kingdom. Rapunzel has now become a beautiful and determined young woman: she keeps on dreaming about adventures and freedom. But there’s one single solution to free her and bring harmony back in the North-North-East Kingdom, which has become the Forbidden Kingdom: a true love’s kiss from a Prince Charming.

And as it happens, in the South-South-West Kingdom, a young prince has not found love yet, despite the insistence of his father to introduce him with “Noblettes", who are all as single as disconcerting! But there’s one single problem: this awkward boy pictures himself as a Prince Adventurer more than a Prince Charming… The day when he and his coward sidekick Olaf explore the Forbidden Kingdom, they come upon Rapunzel.

An encounter which might change the direction of this story… But do you still believe in fairy tales?

Significant Productions

2015-2016 : Paris, Théâtre de la Porte Saint-Martin (1050 seats)
2014-2015 : Paris, Espace Pierre Cardin (670 seats)


Nominated for the 2016 Molière Award for “Best Family Show”, Paris


"One of the greatest successes of the season." LE PARISIEN
"Enchanting." ELLE
"A Broadway-style modernized fairy tale." GRAZIA
“Dynamic and funny, with lively songs and hilarious scenes.” PARISCOPE
“A show full of energy and humour, with a modern direction.” FIGAROSCOPE
“A very beautiful show, very visual, magnificently sung, and full of humour. […] A wonderful moment for the whole family. ” PARIS MATCH
"Fantastic" REPONSE A TOUT
"A lot of humour, everyone finds their groove." VOICI
"Rapunzel lights up the stage." FRANCE 3
"Funny and dynamic, Rapunzel delighted the entire family." BIBA
“With songs that you will not be able to get out of your head […], you will be transported into the magic world of musical theatre” MA SERENDIPITÉ
“The dialogues are full of great comedy and come one after the other tit for tat. […] Julien Salvia and Ludovic-Alexandre Vidal, at the origin of the project, have written numerous songs, some of which are particularly delightful for everyone. […] Audiences are captivated ” REGARD EN COULISSE
“Beautiful Disney-style songs.“ MUSICAL AVENUE