C'est Du Délire! - The First Gaulish Musical

At the Théâtre de Panoramix (Parc Astérix) from March 30, 2024

Le Voyage Commence

Parc Spirou

The Christmas Parade (Parc Astérix)

Le Père Noël Rêve de Potion

Around the World in 80 Days

Nominated for the Molières 2020 and the French Musicals Awards 2022

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

11 nominations and 3 awards to the 2018 French Musicals Awards

Living with Dad

Julien and Ludovic-Alexandre join the screenwriters team for the new animated series



Ludovic-Alexandre VIDAL (Lyrics/Book) & Julien SALVIA (Music) are a musical theatre writing team for now more than 15 years. Nothing predestined them a priori to such a career as they met when they were studying engineering at Ecole Centrale Paris... Read more +