The first Gaulish musical

Music: Julien Salvia
Lyrics: Ludovic-Alexandre Vidal
Book: Ludovic-Alexandre Vidal & Julien Salvia


The Story

Groupidupianix is a young Gaul who dreams of becoming a renowned bard. But his mother, worried about him, doesn't see it that way: it's too uncertain a profession.
One day, while singing in the forest, he meets Sérotonine, a spirited young girl who dreams of becoming the first female druid.

The two decide to join forces to fulfill their dreams: Sérotonine proposes to Groupidupianix to create a potion that will change the minds of those who listen to him, and in particular his mother, by making them fall under the spell of his voice. In the process, Serotonin could prove her great talents as a druid. But the plan doesn't go quite according to plan...

Significant Productions

2024: Parc Astérix, Théâtre de Panoramix (600 seats)




"The big news this year is at Parc Astérix, where they're staging a musical for the first time. [...] It's right up there with the times, and they're making a big hit!" BONJOUR - TF1
"It's funny, it's full of second degree, with a really substantial number of sets, more than twenty, it's very rhythmic, [...] there's a real family feeling around this company, [...] it makes you want to see it!" BFM TV
"The other sensation of this season. [...] [Our opinion] is very good: a mix of rock, pop and even rap, this first production is delightful, with a special mention for the wild boar dance." - LE PARISIEN
"Masterful writing from A to Z, both for the characters and the songs [...], at the crossroads between refreshing modernity and 100% Gaulish DNA. [...] If creating brand-new characters might seem ambitious at first glance, the gamble pays off, as they give us the impression of having always been part of the famous village of irreducibles. [...] If the characters and plot are of the highest quality, what can we say about the musical scenes? The various songs specially composed by Vidal & Salvia have all the makings of becoming cult hits! [...] "C'est du Délire!" is a total success! Few parks in Europe can boast a show of this quality, performed 5 times a day and included in the price of the entrance ticket." DIMENSION PARCS
"Parc Astérix's other very big novelty is quite simply a big first, [...] mixing adventure and humor." PUREBREAK
"The arrival of "C'est du délire!" is the fruit of an artistic collaboration with Ludovic-Alexandre Vidal and Julien Salvia, a songwriting duo chosen following a call for proposals. [...] Their passion for musical comedy, combined with an interest in theme parks, made them ideal partners for this initiative. [...] In deliberately not limiting themselves to an overly Celtic atmosphere, more contemporary influences were favored, with particular attention paid to the musical language of each character. PARC & LOISIRS MAGAZINE