Music: Julien Salvia
Book & Lyrics: Ludovic-Alexandre Vidal

Adapted from Mark Twain’s novel

English Adaptation of Book & Lyrics:
Michael Conley

The Story

In this musical retelling of Mark Twain's classic story, two boys trade places — and learn more about themselves than they bargained for.

In 1546 London, Tom Canty is a poor commoner who begs on the streets and dreams of being a prince. On the other side, Edward Tudor is heir to the throne of England but dreams of being a normal boy.

When the two meet, they decide to change places for a few hours. Unfortunately, they look so much alike that no one believes them when they try to explain who they really are. Edward encounters Tom’s cruel father, John Canty, while Tom must deal with Edward’s scheming uncle, Lord Hertford, who (with the help of his French henchman Gustave) plots to make himself the false King’s tutor.

Will the rightful King of England assume his place, or will a pauper wear the crown?

Significant Productions

2012 : New York, USA. Midtown International Theatre Festival. June Havoc Theatre.
2011 : Montréal, Canada. The Next Wave Festival of New Musicals. Espace Fullum.
2007 – 2009 : Paris, Théâtre Marsoulan (200 seats), Vingtième Théâtre (250 seats) and Théâtre Trianon (800 seats)


2012: 5 nominations, including “Outstanding Music & Lyrics”, for the 2012 Midtown International Theatre Festival, New York. Winning “Best Supporting Actress” for Natalie Niesing as Mrs Canty.
2011: Audience Award of the 2011 Next Wave Festival of New Musicals, Montréal
2008 : Marius 2008 for the Best Family Musical, Paris.




“A successful musical.” TÉLÉRAMA
“An Oliver! meets Les Miz – The Prince & The Pauper boasts an incredibly melodic score, […] score that could one day become a classic.” OSCAR MOORE REVIEW NYC
“Finally a true musical. Mark Twain’s novel comes alive on stage with a colorful production worthy of some of Broadway or Disney.” SÉZAME
“An enthralling live stage musical.” DÉJÀ GRAND
“An excellent piece of work.” OPÉRETTE / THÉÂTRE MUSICAL
“Here is a really original musical, with a lot of talented performers: simply Bravo!” PARISCOPE
“Powerful texts, a very rich musical score, a lot of comedy and emotion, a delight for eyes and ears.” MUSICAL AVENUE
“This show is a success.” MUSICAL MAGAZINE
“A beautiful text and a score which is a delight for ears. There is not a minute when one could get bored. You will go out of the theatre with happiness stuck in your head.” LES TROIS COUPS